ERIK SARKIĆ (Slovenia)

Spirit destiling has been a part of Erik´s live for ever. It is a familiy tradition – his grandmother and father passed a traditional knowledge about destiling on to him. Through the years a hoby has grown into a passion. Using a familiy recipe he started destilinig a luxury brand of brinjevec, it is a brandy made from juniper berrys. He used botelles made in famos slovenian glass factory Rogaška. With that combination he stared building his brand. A few years later he started making gin and that was a turning point in his career – he opened his own company.

His taiming for a career change was perfect. Gin is getting more popular every year. He developed his gin flavour for two years. For his gin he received the prestigious international awards:

  • The Gin Guide Awards

Brin Gin Review & Tasting Notes

Brin Gin. Shortly after launching, Brin Gin was the highest scoring European gin outside the UK in the Traditional Gin category of The Gin Guide Awards 2018.
The Gin Guide Awards 2018 High Scorer: Traditional Gin



Producer Name: Erik Sarkic sp

Award: Silver 2019

Tasting Category: Gin – London Dry – 43%

Origin of Entry: Slovenia

Judges Tasting Notes: Complex with initial floral, earthy notes of angelica, violet, and orris. Hints of lime add brightness. Good flavour, texture, and a refreshing, dry finish.


Vivian Wigchert-Boom comes from the Netherlands and she works at the school named Rijn Ijssel. After her bachelor’s degree in English she taught English at high school for about 12 years. Vivian worked with students who had difficulty studying and had varied profiles for extra support. In doing this she discovered that these students do not thrive in our somewhat traditional school system. They needed a more personal perspective, a chance to build their own route through school. In her classes she tried to achieve this but learned quickly that this needs to be a team effort of all teachers involved. This realization motivated her to do a Masters in Learning and Innovation. She wanted to change their system, very ambitious of course but one has to have a goal, right? After her Masters she started working for Rijn Ijssel, a school for Vocational Education as a curriculumcoach. She coached teachers in developing new views on education and implementing those. For the past 5 years they (a team of  5 coaches) have been implementing personal and flexible education within their school, they do this with a passion for their students and because they truly believe they can always do better.

»I hope my lecture will inspire you as I take you on a journey which we have followed for the past 5 years. It’s not been easy but achievements never are, are they?«



Grushenka Zorn, bachelor in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology and also Professor of Art History. For many years she worked in tourism and as a producer for photography. She gained her culinary and styling experience in Paris and New York. She embarked on her own journey as a food stylist five years ago. Today, she collaborates and creates visual material for major companies, agencies and production companies, in Slovenia and abroad.